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In 2005, an estimated 5.6%, or 13.6 million Americans, 12 years of age or older, were current cigar users.



News Resources

American Legacy Foundation
This Web site includes recent research, publications, and useful fact sheets.

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids
This Web site includes the latest global, federal, and state initiatives on tobacco as well as local tobacco facts for each state. Youth advocacy is also highlighted in addition to numerous organizational partners.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Smoking & Health Resource Library
“The database contains abstracts of articles from medical and professional journals; books and book chapters; dissertations; reports; conference proceedings and conference papers; government documents from federal, state, local, and foreign entities; fact sheets and policy documents from U.S. and international nonprofit organizations; and other documents. New Citations added to the database in the last eight weeks are also available. New Citations include recently published tobacco-related articles from peer-reviewed journals of behavioral, scientific, and medical literature.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Smoking & Tobacco Use
This Web site includes recent government reports, statistics, and fact sheets on tobacco use, prevention, and quitting.

Helping Young Smokers Quit: Identifying Best Practices for Tobacco Cessation.
“The Helping Young Smokers Quit initiative is a two-phase project that addresses the critical need to disseminate effective, developmentally appropriate cessation programs for adolescent smokers.”  HYSQ offers free e-bulletins for program administrators, tobacco control advocates, and tobacco researchers.

MedLine Plus: Smoking and Youth
This Web site provides the latest news, research, and statistics related to youth smoking.

Smoke Free Movies

Articles and news about smoking in movies.
Tobacco news and information.