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“It's a well-known fact that teenagers like sweet products. Honey might be considered”


-1972 Brown & Williamson memo (makers of Kool)



August 1, 2011
FTC Report Shows Tobacco Companies Still Spend Huge Sums on Advertising. Read more

July 25, 2011
Reynolds American Lies to Consumers by Marketing American Spirit Cigarettes As “Eco Friendly”. Read more

July 14, 2011
CDC Study Finds Progress in Reducing Smoking in Movies, but R-Rating Still Needed to Protect Kids. Read more

July 11, 2011
Howard County Bans Smoking In County Parks and Recreation Spaces. Read more

May 11, 2011
Philip Morris International CEO Claims It Isn’t Hard to Quit Smoking – Comment is Irresponsible and Contradicted by Science. Read more