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“It's a well-known fact that teenagers like sweet products. Honey might be considered”


-1972 Brown & Williamson memo (makers of Kool)


Reports & Recent Legislation

State Tobacco Taxes
Tobacco tax increases are considered a win-win-win solution for states, especially as they work to balance budgets while preserving essential public services like in the midst of these hard economic times. Read more

A Broken Promise to Our Children. The 1998 Tobacco Settlement 12 Years Later
The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids latest report on the use of the Master Settlement Agreement Funds found that states have cut funding for tobacco prevention and cessation programs to their lowest levels since 1999, when they first received the settlement funds, essentially breaking their promise to use most of the money on tobacco prevention efforts. Read more

DEADLY IN PINK: Big Tobacco Steps Up It’s Targeting of Women and Girls
The tobacco industry has a long history of developing cigarette brands and marketing campaigns that target women and girls, with devastating consequences for women’s health. In the last two years, the tobacco industry has launched its most aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at women and girls in over a decade, most notably through RJ Reynolds Camel No.9 campaign.
Read more

The “Light & Low” Deception
For decades, the tobacco industry has responded to health concerns about smoking by using these deceptive terms to promote the falsehood that some cigarette brands are less harmful, and to discourage smokers from quitting. This deception has had devastating consequences for public health. On June 22, 2010 the FDA took action to end this deadly consumer fraud by banning the use of the terms “light”, “mild”, and “low tar” in the advertising and sale of cigarettes in the U.S. Read more

Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, June 22, 2009
This historic piece of legislastion grants the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authority to regulate tobacco products! Take a look at the FDA Tobacco Products website