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Activity Ideas

Start a writing campaign to protest smoking in the movies.


How about arranging a caravan to the Capitol? or creating a pledge wall at school? We've got a list of ideas to help you get started.

Activity Ideas

Get ready for your next event—start with this list of ideas.

Booth activities
This would involve setting up a booth at a local event (in Baltimore City, some examples would be Artscape, Hon Fest, Maryland State Fair, Oregon Ridge outdoor symphony concerts, Maryland Film Festival) with activities for various ages. You might want to discuss possible events in your area as a group, and make a list for various places to research. Coalition members working at these events would hang a Maryland TRASH banner, wear TRASH t-shirts, hand out palm cards, information fact sheets, postcards, etc.

  • Raffle: Enter the raffle by signing the anti-tobacco pledge (win Quit Kits, TRASH gear, dinner, free gifts, discounts from local businesses, etc.)
  • Spin the Wheel of Chance: Wheel that displays potential consequences of smoking (health and otherwise)
  • Display of cigarette ingredients: Quiz game
  • Puppet show: For young children. Educating them on the dangers of smoking.
  • Activity table: Also for young children. Pledge bracelets, tattoos, coloring table. Coalition members would sign up to staff the table.

School-based activities

  • Anti-tobacco assembly: Organize an assembly for your school, or a series of assemblies for all the schools in your area. Invite speakers, ex-smokers, survivors, experts, activists
  • Skits: Create a troupe to perform skits for elementary school children
  • Create a pledge at school: Get permission from your school administrators, and consider asking for the help of your school nurse. Purchase a roll of brown packaging paper, banner paper or poster board and some packing tape. With your school’s permission, choose a visible wall on which to hang the paper. Give the wall a title that will catch people’s attention (like “Sign for Life”) and make it large enough to read from a distance. Provide lots of large markers for people to sign the pledge wall, write their stories, draw, etc. Take a picture and send it to Maryland TRASH and we’ll post it on the site to share with everyone!


  • Arrange a protest: Trip to DC, Annapolis, movie theaters (permits required)
  • Caravan to the Capital: Students traveling to the capital together to publicize Maryland TRASH, or for Kick Butts Day, Great American Smoke Out
  • Legislative breakfast: Educate your legislators about smoke free issues. For details see, the Kick Butts Day Web site
  • Smoke free dining: For details see the Kick Butts Day Web site
  • Start a writing campaign: to protest smoking in the movies

Community-based activities


  • Create a fact sheet to distribute. Get the facts—and share them
  • Pass out the Maryland TRASH promotional items
  • Distribute Maryland TRASH postcards and send them to people you care about

Wear the gear

  • Make and hand out friendship bracelets to show your support of anti-tobacco cause
  • Wear your Maryland TRASH T-shirts and backpacks

Help someone

  • Be a support person for someone who is trying to quit smoking
  • Help as many people as you can to quit smoking by helping them get a free Maryland TRASH Quit Kit